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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nelly Furtado-In Gods Hands-XviD-2007

Artist : Nelly Furtado
Title : In Gods Hands
Date : 29-Oct-2007
Genre : Pop
Language : English
Format : XViD-PAL
Audio Source: CDDA
Video Source: TV
Video Info : 688 x 560 / 2037 kbps
Audio Info : 166 VBR kb/s / 44kHz
Label : N/A
Location : USA
Year : 2007
Runtime : 3:57
Deinterlace : Yes
IVTC : No Pulldown / 25.000 fps
Size : 65,3MB

Release Notes: In Gods Hands. New video from Nelly Furtado.



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